Design the best product

Today I came across a great post

and it blew my mind away. It helped me to start rethinking what a designer’s job is.

I worked in a company where we had two best designers I had ever seen. I knew they posted work on Dribbble and were both pixel perfectionists. But I only saw their final design work without seeing the processing stage. And I naturally thought design is all about pixels. And I am wrong.

Some websites like chan4, stack overflow actually preserved old style of website and still served millions of users. Although there are countless rich interaction websites that serve similar purposes, many of them are copying cool interactions rather than rethinking the usages of those interactions. Although I think a cool website is necessarily for a successful website, it is not sufficient. Pixels perfect product may draw people’s attention at first, but what really pulls people is convenient functions and fluid workflows.

I agree with the @PADDAY that we should firstly think about the outcome we want to achieve and then start working on structure, workflow and finally the visual details. Without a clear vision of the outcome, all the other efforts are just fruitless.